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Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
It really depends on why the front office is bringing in a back. If it's a "we need a body to finish out preseason signing", there are a ton of young camp fodder backs here. If it's an "oh s**t Ball and Hillman aren't ready and Moreno is already dinged up signing," that changes things a little bit.

Cedric Benson-30, with a lot of miles on him. I always thought Benson had decent vision (might work pretty well in ZBS). Doesn't run as hard as he looks like he should. Has some off field baggage. Injury history as well. Pass

Ryan Grant- 30, with a lot of miles on him. He's done. Pass
Tim Hightower-Relatively young, honestly don't remember a lot about him except he's slow. Basically, Knowshon only not as good a blocker or receiver. Pass
Brandon Jacobs- 31, impressive size/speed combination when healthy. Nimble for a guy his size. Has knee problems. If he's relatively healthy, might be worth a look.
Javarris James-Edgar James's cousin, young, never produced in the NFL, also a bit a an arrest record, pass.
Willis McGahee-We know what we're getting here. Probably the most likely guy we sign. Honestly, I think he might wind up starting week one for us, if Ball isn't ready
Mewelde Moore-Don't remember anything about him. Wiki says he's slow and north of 30.
Isaac Redman-Might be a decent power goal-line back. He's relatively young and flashed some ability between the tackles. Basically, a younger, slower, less-talented Willis- Pass
Javon Ringer-Young, good back in college, honestly, don't remember much about him as a pro. Might be a guy to bring for a look as a developmental guy.
Brandon Saine-Speed back (sub 4.4). UDFA, never really done anything of note in the NFL, Pass.
Kevin Smith-Was productive a few years ago. Stats have been declining steadly for several years, might be a preseason depth fodder depth signing.
Michael Turner-Was good, I think he's done, pass. .
Beanie Wells-I was really high on Beanie out of OSU. He's still young, still has ability to move the chains. Decent size (240ish). Had a thousand yard double digit TD season for Arizona. Might be another possibility.
Fozzy Whitaker. Young, vaguely remember him in college. Preseason depth fodder.
Eddie Williams. Young Redskin practice squad guy. Preseason depth fodder.
Benson has low yards but lots of knee issues. He missed big chunks of seasons with the bears and I remember him missing time with Bungles and Pack.

He is done, I would rather have Willis back.
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