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Eric Decker

Just drafted this team in my 12 team PPR league. Pretty happy with it.
1 T.Richardson
2 B.Marshall
3 R.White
4 R.Cobb
5 D.Wilson
6 M.Stafford
7 M.Ball
8 TY.Hilton
9 S.Vereen
10 J.Finley
11 R.Hillman
12 C.Givens
13 B.Pettigrew
14 J.Franklin
15 I.Pead
16 S.Hill
This being a PPR league I went WR heavy. I think I did really good.
12 teams 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 1FLX 1DST 1K
Ill get my kicker and defense week by week
QB Stafford
RB Richardson
RB Wilson
WR Marshall
WR White
WR Cobb
TE Finley
FX M.Ball

B WR: Hilton, Givens, Hill
B RB: Ball, Vereen, Hillman, Franklin, Pead
B TE: Pettigrew
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