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Originally Posted by winstoncup bronco View Post
I agree. Injuries in the preseason aren't any less serious because the season hasn't started.

I honestly believe the Broncos were caught off-guard last night. It just seemed like the Seahawks took this game much more seriously, as if they wanted to send a message to the league and the Las Vegas favorites. Denver was looking at a glorified scrimmage, Seattle was looking at a playoff game.

In any event, some random thoughts I have are:

1. Ramirez is an abomination. The laziness in not downing the guy in the endzone is unforgivable, and a cuttable offense if he wasn't the only guy with the work at C.

2. Hillman hit the hole hard and looked decisive, but damn he can't break a tackle. Ball looked okay, not as good as I expected, but better than the beating he's taking on here.

3. I swear, Manning still throws a wobbly ball. It's getting there, yes, but I don't like that wobble on every throw.

4. Offense is going to be just fine, and will compensate for any injuries to the D for the time being.
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