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CJ Anderson

I am glad we had this kind of game in the PS. With all the hype about being the favorite for the SB and being the best team in the league it was good for them to get their ass kicked on the road by a team that was (overtly) physical and excited to play. Hoping the players learned that they still have to take their play to another level if they want to make it to the SB.

Man Ram was just plain LAZY, after performing his 1st responsibility he took the rest of the play off and was out of position. He did not keep his feet or head moving and made no effort at all to look for late blitzers or find another body to block. On the fumble at the goal line with a little effort he could have pushed the ball carrier out the back of the endzone. Instead he stood there confused and gave up on the play. I didn't expect that kind of effort from a guy coached by Alex Gibbs.

Run game:
I liked our run game. Clady wasn't back there and Ram was half assing it. Hillman obviously needs to clean up the fumblitis but he made cuts that allowed decent gains out of nothing. Considering we are a pass 1st offense on the Goal line Fumble drive they were still able to pound the ball, pick up a 4th down and I didn't see anything that proved Hillman didn't have possession once he broke the plane, which is the chalk right(?) the nose broke the plane before it was hit from the TV view.
Run game will get better.

Not a lot there I liked other than they kept that little chocolate Flutie guy bottled up as the game went on. They had terrible FP all 1st half which made scoring easy for them. Secondary was beaten a couple times. Lots of work still needed but this team is going to win by scoring points on O. A couple of timely stops will take most teams out of their game plan. Not overly worried yet.

Terrible coverage. The block in the back could have gone either way. I think if a ref sees it and throws it he should stick by it especially if it is that close. The inexcuseable things were the punt coverages that allowed big returns. We need a gunner like Matt Willis to show up this year.

Passing O:
Was far superior to last years. Welker will be a force, DT made some great monster catches and Thomas had a big gainer that he fumbled but then came back and made a great catch over the middle. As long as Manning is healthy we should lead the league in passing.

Same things as last year still need to be resolved. Protecting the football, poor coverage, and limiting mistakes. Luckly for us they still have 2 games to work on before it gets reals.
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