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Hillman picked up 3, 4, or 5 yards a pop. Considering our passing game, that's fine. And eventually those 3-5 yard runs become 15-30 yard runs, especially when defenses back off to stop the pass.

And it seems it cannot be said enough. It is preseason. If people are that worked up over preseason I worry about them the next few months.

Hillman's average was well below that actually. Though the bigger issue with him is that he fumbled the ball twice while both hands were on the ball. That's worrisome. Usually when a back fumbles its because he wasn't using both hands to secure it, but in this case it simply seems that Hillman's lack of size and strength caused two fumbles. And it doesn't really matter if they were or were not truly turnovers, or if the refs totally ****ed up the calls, the point is the guy failed on two separate occasions to hold on to the ball even though he was really trying.
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