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Originally Posted by R8R H8R View Post
Relax people, M Ball will be the starter soon enough, and Hilman will be the back up. The telling stat is that M Ball got only 6 touches for an impressive 4.7 yds per carry against an excellent defense. Hilman got 13; heck, even L Ball got 7 for 2 yards.

I think the coaching staff is seeing growth in the kid each week and didn't need to see much more from him in a losing game. IDK if he starts before the Ravens game or after, but mark my words, he will start soon enough.
Agreed. In Ball's situation it isn't just running the ball anymore. He went from a very simple college offense to an NFL offense that is one of the most sophisticated and difficult to learn in the league. Once his brain catches up, he will settle down and we will see why the team drafted him.
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