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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
I don't understand it.

Lonestar starts two "All Things Dumocrat" threads, both get moved and shut down.

Just looking at the first page of the threads he's started, of 35 threads, 8 are not race baiting. In fact, he's had as many threads closed in the past 6 months as he has started that weren't race baiting. At the very least it's a sign of a very sick individual with a fetish.

Why this guy gets special treatment is beyond me. He's a piece of **** racist, and this site lets it go on.
You're a disgrace. My posts are showing example after example of the double standard that our media has and how they attempt to paint a reality that simply doesn't exist. Interracial crime in this country is perpetrated by black perps much more often than white perps but our media goes NATIONAL with stories like the Jena 6, The duke rape case and Trayvon with little facts just because it fits a narrative that you spineless pukes support whole heartedly....until you all admit to this double standard I will continue to post example after example. (and it's much easier to find examples DAILY..just watch your LOCAL news)
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