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Von Miller

Originally Posted by KevinJames View Post
Bronco country better for you? Whatever you wanna call our fan base

Personally I don't care what its called I am a bronco fan and its cool to see a lot of other bronco fans,
it was about 25% of the stadium packed with Bronco fans it really was a strong showing.
Every Seahawk game I've been to over the years theres always been a ton of Bronco fans in attendance.

This year had to have been way cool with Manning and all our big names coming to town.

Don't worry 'bout him..."Bronco Nation" is fine. Thanks for the update on the turnout. I bet the fans in Seattle are a little more tolerant of other fans. (?)
Living in their territory I really don't like their fans in general... but it's always been a good experience with friendly banter back and forth at their games.
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