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Nate Irving


Didn't see much push at all on either side of the line. The Seahawks made us looks like a bunch of Sallies out there. I want to see some Nasty out there, they looked like a bunch of fat guys standing around. I'm talking to you Chris Clark and Manny Ramirez.

Anyone without Orphan Annie eyeballs could have seen Irving outplayed Bradley AGAIN. It appeared when Nate came in he played mostly MLB so I'm not so sure they are prepping him for Von's spot. Bradley seems slow to react, kinda gets frozen and the play goes by him. Nate needs to play with the 1's next week.

I hope Manning stays healthy because Brock doesn't look like a pro qb yet in game situations. I know the O-line was a turnstile all night but at some point you have to feel the pressure and adjust. He holds on to the football like he is earning interest on it and had all the mobility of a cigar store indian.

...and after further review Pete Carroll is still The Ultimate Tool
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