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Spencer Larsen

Manny Ramirez is not very good - on the 2nd drive he misread a block and doubled up on the DT letting Bobby Wagner through to tackle Hillman for a loss. He had every chance to force the touchback after Hillman fumbled but just stopped on the play for no reason.

Hillman needs to work on his ball security, he put the ball on the ground twice in 15 carries - that is a real worry. He looked decent running the ball when he held on to it though.

Bradley Stewart is almost as lost in coverage as Joe Mays - always 2 steps behind and he doesn't bring the heat against the run.

Aside from the first drive the offense looked good (the turnovers looked bad but very individual errors that can be eliminated).

The defensive line looked good (really hope Wolfe will be fine and can come back and play). Ayers looked good against Okung, he got some good pressure on that right side.
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