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Default Random thoughts from the Seahawks game

  • I am obviously grateful that Wolfe is probably going to be ok. Not just as a football player, but as someone who uses his legs.
  • Hopefully Champ's injury isn't of the nagging kind in nature.
  • I am glad we faced a game like this early - one where there was a lot of adversity and things didn't go our way. The fumbles, bad calls, injuries - if felt like the Ravens game. There was even the safety corner whiff that allowed the receiver to score on the deep pass. Special teams didn't play well either. It was just a poor effort all around and will get the team to tighten things up before their home opener.
  • We definitely miss Clady. As soon as he returns the line will settle down.
  • The offense was effective except for Hillman's fumbling. I hope that Ball and the others have better security.
  • Welker was impressive. That's going to be a hard things for offense's to deal with.
  • Our Center situation isn't good. Lilja was pretty bad. Ramirez took plays off. It is unfortunate.
  • Nice to see Holliday get a good return.
  • We actually stymied their offense for a time. Things got out of control quickly, but we moved the ball and gave ourselves some chances. It's just when things blew up, they blew up big.
  • Expect tough practices on the team next week going into our first home game of the preseason.
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