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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
IR for a 4-6 week injury?
Once on IR does he have to stay there for the entire season? If the Broncos aren't gonna put Q. Smith on IR and the Broncos are gonna bring Walton back from IR, then why not put CJ on IR, call it a year and then bring him back next season. If the Broncos cut him while he's injured won't they have to pay him out for the injury anyway? This way they can monitor his progress, keep him in house and then try it again next year.

Or, can they put him on IR and then release him once he's healed up, hope no one picks him up and then maybe if Moreno or another RB goes down with an injury, they can bring him back? Or better yet, put him on IR and keep him on IR until another RB goes down with an injury and then release CJ, hope no one signs him, and then bring him back on the team, or is that illegal?
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