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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
You used the phrase "narcotics trafficking" without specifics. How was it immoral? Are narcotics immoral?
Why should I use specifics? Where have you? You pasted **** from a leftist website with no context of how ANY of those military actions were immoral.

Now in the hell is the immorality of narcotics trafficking not obvious?

But everything else - the undeclared wars, the wars-by-proxy, the support of dictators, the coups, the assassinations - were all A-OK by you.

Alzheimers or playing dumb? Even when valid context is applied and explained, you STILL reject every bit of it off-hand.

You can find no wrong in US foreign policy and take the rightist stance of supporting all of it without distinction. You think America was so weak it couldn't sink to the level of the USSR and prevail. You support abandoning every single principle that America stands for. How does that your blind support of the US any different than the most committed Communist's blind support of the USSR? Anything to "win"? Why?
What is this "rightist stance" nonsense? Do you think the Democrats are against this because they offer lip service to their sucker progressive voters while behind closed doors the torture machines at Gitmo keep whirring?

How is stopping Soviet expansionism "sinking to the level" of them? How did we sink? By backing such as the Contras to counter the Soviet-backed Nicaraguans and establish an even but small military presence in Costa Rica so that country - lacking a standing military - would be safe from being invaded by Nicaragua next door?

What principles am I abandoning? What principles do you think this country stands for? You keep saying that and not specifying while demanding specifics. What in the hell are you talking about?


A pure example of politics, not morals. Was Rummy part of the "radical left"?
Garbage. Cold War. He was also a buffer against the terrorism-exporting Mullahs. In my opinion he should have been left in power.

Want an even more concerning one?

What in the hell was Obama doing shaking hands with that creep?

Some of what we did to fight the USSR was pure realpolitik. Immoral but served our political ends at the moment.
Such as? I hope you have more than a vague list from a leftist website this time.

Obliterations of everything that America stands for - or at least is supposed to, in clear difference to every other nation on the planet. You and your ilk are the ones who made a mockery of American exceptionalism, with your penchant for bottom-feeding and crude political games at the expense of our principles and the lives of endless numbers of innocents.
More vague lectures. What of American exceptionalism have we mocked, other than all I can gather from your posting habits is that you seem to equate American exceptionalism with a liberal welfare state.

We allied with Stalin to defeat a lesser enemy. Sometimes in emergencies, AS I EXPLAINED SEVERAL TIMES, such things are required. Doing so saved lives. Don't tell me - this is "realpolitik" right?
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