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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Wog, you wanted an example of what the US did that was immoral in the Cold War, and you got an example.
You used the phrase "narcotics trafficking" without specifics. How was it immoral? Are narcotics immoral?

But everything else - the undeclared wars, the wars-by-proxy, the support of dictators, the coups, the assassinations - were all A-OK by you.


Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk
As I said you can find no good in US foreign policy and take the leftist stance of hating all of it without distinction, co-opting their blanket indictments which originate with America's stance against the spread of radical leftism and nothing more.
You can find no wrong in US foreign policy and take the rightist stance of supporting all of it without distinction. You think America was so weak it couldn't sink to the level of the USSR and prevail. You support abandoning every single principle that America stands for. How does that your blind support of the US any different than the most committed Communist's blind support of the USSR? Anything to "win"? Why?

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk
As I've said here many times, the moral arguments of the radical left come from politics, not morals.

A pure example of politics, not morals. Was Rummy part of the "radical left"?

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk
I'd absolutely love to know how standing against Soviet aggression was "realpolitik" and not a valid ethical position.
Some of what we did to fight the USSR was pure realpolitik. Immoral but served our political ends at the moment. Obliterations of everything that America stands for - or at least is supposed to, in clear difference to every other nation on the planet. You and your ilk are the ones who made a mockery of American exceptionalism, with your penchant for bottom-feeding and crude political games at the expense of our principles and the lives of endless numbers of innocents.

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk
If you're so concerned about a moral and ethical motivation, why do you keep throwing Israel under the bus per the invasions? Let the Syrians and their allies butcher the Jews because it's the moral thing to do? Whut?
I've already explained. Israel's defense is Israel's problem. If you believe them incapable of protecting themselves, then move there and help 'em out.

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk
Hitler was as aggressively expansionist as Stalin was, so why would the US have allied with Hitler?
We allied ourselves with Stalin to defeat Hitler. Was that wise?
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