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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Wog, you wanted an example of what the US did that was immoral in the Cold War, and you got an example. I could also add firebombings but that was pre-Cold War. As I said you can find no good in US foreign policy and take the leftist stance of hating all of it without distinction, co-opting their blanket indictments which originate with America's stance against the spread of radical leftism and nothing more. As I've said here many times, the moral arguments of the radical left come from politics, not morals. They morally condemn anyone in their way. Unfortunately you seem to have joined the many millions of those who have not known this and have taken their moralistic whining seriously. I was like that once, then I began to make some realizations. Copy and pasting their crap only makes you a dupe. It also makes you look like you have no argument of your own, which I've already gleaned from our discussions that that is the case.

I'd absolutely love to know how standing against Soviet aggression was "realpolitik" and not a valid ethical position. Your argument here reeks of something I would see from the radical left. If you're so concerned about a moral and ethical motivation, why do you keep throwing Israel under the bus per the invasions? Let the Syrians and their allies butcher the Jews because it's the moral thing to do? Whut?

My Israel statement was not hyperbole. Do you really think they'd have all come in and held a big party with the Jews? Perhaps played Twister? The Game of Life? Really?

Hitler was as aggressively expansionist as Stalin was, so why would the US have allied with Hitler?
Could you please expound on how Syria was planning on massacring every Jew in Israel? I'm curious what you're even talking about.
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