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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
No, you just spewed the usual beat-the-Commies-at-any-cost crap so typical of neoBircher dorks.

I've not seen one instance of you even allowing that the US committed immoral acts during the Cold War. Speaking of blind nationalist hacks...

BTW, since when is judging one's country as falling short of its ideals a bad thing? Oh yeah - to conservatives, America is always right. Always. Anyone who dares question anything we do is automatically anti-America, a traitor, a scumbag, and ought to be deported or executed so they can burn in hell forever.

Damn, but you're one protofascist puke.

Our alliance with Israel is far more trouble than it's worth. Time for us to cut them off. They have no enemies that they can't handle. Yes, even Iran.
"Beating the Commies" is not crap, it was the bread and butter of US foreign policy for decades. Immoral acts in the Cold War? Yeah - narcotics trafficking.

Your problem is that you continue to blanket indict the US government for interventions and actions it took to justifiably stop the USSR from gaining a foothold outside its sphere of power without bothering to look at the context and background of them. As far as morals go, I don't see how anyone can make a moral argument against the US stepping in in Syria to stop that government from invading Israel, knowing what would happen to the population of Israel had the invasion been successful. Hitler treated them better than what they would have suffered at the hands of those people. Every single Jew in that country would have been butchered within a week. Period.

I didn't realize that resisting Marxist revolutionary movements backed by the USSR and Jew-hating nut jobs was a violation of American ideals. I stand corrected.

How on earth am I remotely fascist? I think I'd at least to have to admire people like Hitler and Mussolini first. If letting Jews be butchered is moral, why am I the one being called a fascist here?
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