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Zeus help your reading skills and comprehension. I didn't say what you claim. I said

Was absolutely everything we did in "stopping Soviet expansionism" completely moral and right? Please make your case.

And Israel's defense is Israel's problem, not ours. They're more than capable of defense.
I've already discussed US foreign policy in the Cold War with you. How can you have a discussion on this topic when your opponent's research into US interventionism is reduced to copy and pasting from anti-American lefty websites that condemn any and all US interventionism as it got in the way of the leftist agenda? I've not seen in one instance in which you were remotely willing to reserve judgment against your country on the grounds that it was legitimately stopping Soviet expansionism.

Part of international alliances is the defense of our neighbors and allies. Get used to the idea. Israel was being invaded by all of its neighbors and you howled at the US for having the audacity to intervene and putting a stop to a small part of that? Huh?!!
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