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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
I'm referring to my conversations online with liberals. There is a HUGE set of blinders going on. The same crowd of people who howled during Bush about these things are dead quiet after.

As far as media coverage goes, they overhyped the suicide rates in the Bush years.
Cool story, bro. Why don't you link some of those conversations? Otherwise they're not really relevant when you're addressing a forum, of which the majority of the liberal contingent has at one point or another come out against many of Obama's policies, including the ones you listed.

Yes, please link that for us. I'd love to go through your post history on other sites so we can see your opinion on those things you hate so much before there was a black liberal to associate them with. My guess is its very similar to your boy barryr's.

Though I'm sure I could save us all some time and just post dramallama's...
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