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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
True enough. I recall in the summer of 2008 liberals cackling about how Bush was a "war criminal" and would be brought up on charges when Obama gets in office. These were the same people who howled - following media coverage of the time - about how scandalous it was how high the military suicide rate and use of drone attacks killing innocents were under Bush. But come swearing in day, they fell silent and Obama didn't lift a finger.

Unfortunately they forget their rightful howling about the Patriot Act, domestic spying, and the creation of the DHS silenced for good the second Obama was sworn in.

I never voted Obama but I had at least hoped these ridiculous programs would be gotten rid of... not expanded. I had hoped the cloud had some sort of silver lining, but it didn't.
I never dreamed I'd be saying this but Obama is worse than Bush because he is somehow magically cloaked. He is in some regards Bush on steroids yet the liberals can not see it. The police state is just about in place and few citizens even suspect it is happening.
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