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At first, I thought you made a good point. There are other places worse than Ireland. We could make a long list of countries and why we wouldn't want to move to them. Taking a closer look, Ireland isn't to blame for this death. They legalized abortions 20 years ago when the mother's life is threatened. This is just a case of a single hospital being negligent.
I looked up on the results of the investigation of this case and I agree. I suspect this is another case of pet cause liberal media spinning this issue into both one of abortion, anti-Christian hysteria, and alleged racism. It doesn't surprise me, it's pretty standard fare anymore.

They found that the hospital mismanaged treatment for her sepsis. Sepsis has nothing to do with race or religion, but the usual group of angry frothing idiots will see the spin on this and use it as evidence for their already in place hostile view.
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