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Originally Posted by The Lone Bolt View Post
The dems proved that they could get behind a plan and pass it. The republicans have shown no such potential.

No matter how much you dance around the issue the public perception is that even if the republicans are successful in repealing the PPACA chances are they'll replace it with nothing because they haven't proven they can get behind a plan of their own.
They won't be successful repealing, so the only thing they think they can do is defund it, yet the vast majority of the law is permanent, so even defunding it doesn't do dick.

So instead the party of no does nothing except obstruct because they don't like the law, and keep trying to shove poll numbers down the public's throat which, after they're parsed, any person with two brain cells to rub together knows the public supports the individual tenets of the law.
Give it up. Stop obstructing and ****ing govern for a change.

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