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The Charger fandom hasn't aged any better than it's run down toilet hole . I remember back in the 80's & 90's it was a fun place to visit. The local fandom was laid back and friendly. You could party with the natives. The atmosphere almost made one rethink how you treated visiting fans back home at your own home turf. I guess that had a lot to do with the fact that they really didn't have a rabid fan base.

Between the Military and people moving in & out (you know that old saying that no one is actually FROM Southern California) and the great weather and two Major teams up the road in L.A... football wasn't really a big deal in SD. Or at least not Charger football. I always joked that's probably why they have all the teams flags represented around the stadium rim. Sort of like the NFL's Switzerland. About as Neutral ground as you'd ever find. You would see people with jerseys from every team all over the stadium. People in the Military or transplants just wanting to see a live game on the weekend.

Then the SB awoke a few people up in the mid 90s. Then L.A. lost both of it's teams so they gained some luke warm local fandom . Then Ryan Leaf & Rivers overnight seemed to collect all the a-holes together like one giant sphincter magnet attracting all that is smelly.

All of a sudden they went from little sleepy fandom (jumped past rabid fandom straight into dick fandom). Qualcomm stadium was now filled with brand new jerseys with tags still attached with Raider-like ass-ism bravado. Which was amusing considering they've not won a damn thing.

Now you have **** fans in a ****ty stadium. Fitting.

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