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Yeah, but don't you do that every draft?

I had no problem with the selection because like many of his supporters I originally thought his uber work ethic, excellent leadership skills, never-say-die attitude and high character would enable him to overcome his alleged throwing motion obstacles....

his resume' was impeccable as he was a battled tested QB who had won two titles, had a high completion rate, and set numerous scoring records. I'm not a huge college football fan, but numerous friends and relatives are and they spoke highly of him.

I didn't think he was ready in 2011, but Orton played himself out of a job. I even said that if they made the switch to Tebow they needed to make it permanent as jerking him in and out of the lineup would slow his development.

however after watching him struggle to complete even the most simple passes and constantly throw passes that Drunken Broncoholic says "have a mind of their own" I quickly soured on him, despite him being a great leader, locker room presence, and a PR person's wet dream.....he's a good guy...but, yeah, he's a bad QB.
Personally, I thought he showed a lot of promise in his rookie season, and his second season I felt his regression must've been the result of poor handling by the new coaching staff. But now, I'm honestly starting to think the guy's reported learning disability(ies) pretty much prevents him from learning playbooks effectively or being able to read defenses. The guy is a 100% sandlot football player, and thus the cerebral aspects of being an NFL QB completely elude him as far as I can tell. It's too bad really.
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