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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
Meanwhile, the Packers are doing happy dances with how good Eddie Lacy has looked in camp. Ball was just an odd selection. I hope he does well but he looks an awful lot like Shonn Greene to me.

Full Disclosure: Lacy was my favorite RB before the draft, Ball was my predicted bust. I'm still not over the fact we passed on Lacy for Ball. #sourgrapes.
Yes other than rumors of weight issues and him being injured as well as McCarthy already saying a guy coming off the PUP list (Harris) will start. Honestly, I liked Lacy also and would have been ok with him or Ball, but the Packers also drafted Franklin who will get some play as well.

Call me jaded with the RBs we've had to watch for the past few years but if we get a Shonn Greene power back to compliment Hillman, I won't hate it.
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