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Peyton Hillis

Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
Meanwhile, the Packers are doing happy dances with how good Eddie Lacy has looked in camp. Ball was just an odd selection. I hope he does well but he looks an awful lot like Shonn Greene to me.

Full Disclosure: Lacy was my favorite RB before the draft, Ball was my predicted bust. I'm still not over the fact we passed on Lacy for Ball. #sourgrapes.
As draft prospects, I was pretty torn between Lacy and Ball but this is a long, long way from playing out. Lacy is a violent runner. Powerful, confrontational, and violent. That worked fine when he outweighed linebackers and safeties in college, but it has a higher potential for injury than Ball's running style. Ball also had a nose for the end zone, much more experience, and a significantly excellent ball security history.

They are both rookies, so I'm going to wait about 8-10 games to judge who made the "best decision.". Let's see who is starting, and who is still healthy by then.
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