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Chris Kuper

5. We have new players at defensive tackle, middle linebacker, and probably one of the safety spots. Can the defense continue to be stout up the middle? Teams always want to run it, play ball control, and keep #18 off the field. It was arguably the primary Achilles heel that kept him to only one ring in Indy.

4. Can we convert the short yardage situations that bit us in the butt last year? Ball and Vasquez should help, but center is a real concern if Kuper or Lilja can't fill the spot. Ramirez is turrible.

3. Can Manning play with the eye of the tiger in the playoffs? He hasn't consistently, and it's the one blemish on his career.

2. Will John Fox pull his head out and coach to win in January this time?

And of course. . .

1. Will we have the right guys healthy at the right time? Do we have the depth to overcome some inevitable injuries? Can we roll into the playoffs with momentum?

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