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It shouldn't rock anybody's world that Ball isn't quite ready to start. He's a rookie from a simple college offense. Russell Wilson or no Russell Wilson, that offense consisted primarily of 6 or 8 Ball running plays. Carried the ball a sick 663 times junior+senior seasons combined - Badgers passed the ball just 615 times in that span. Montee was never expected to pass block, or block at all for that matter, nor to catch the ball (just 34 in two years), nor play special teams. Seeing all that, it seems highly unlikely he could show up, master the scheme in a couple months and jump ahead of everybody to be the starter.

FUN STAT of the DAY: Montee Ball's 2011 QB efficiency rating: 504.4 (2/2 54 yds 1 TD)

NOT SO FUN STAT: Wisconsin lost 3 of the last 4 Rose Bowls
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