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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
Of course not, going from self proclaimed Marxist to Right Wing whatever, is a stable doctrine.

As for 'making claims,' again, you're the one dismissing the study with the ridiculous rational that it was conducted by 'questionably-motivated lefty professors.'

Critical thinking? Nah, just more of your silliness.
You're harping on one ONLINE study (WTF) and I'm talking about cumulative data of multiple legitimate, scientific studies (not online!) taken over decades and further what the general scientific consensus is in terms of the validity of IQ studies and the heritability of IQ as shown by years of longevity studies. Avoiding this by mockery and grossly overstating the validity of one select piece of information doesn't cut it, and if someone is going to co-opt Marxist jingoism to defend their personal view of things (which is outside of scientific consensus), yes I am going to point it out.

I have critical thinking. You have critical theory and a philosophy which places higher importance to your political views than valid scientific data.

The theory of multiple intelligences is also well-known in psychology regardless of what the butthole that wrote Rohirrim's article said. That, however, does not undermine the validity of IQ testing, which is still widely used. BOTH of these are commonly discussed in college psych textbooks. If you think the concept of multiple intelligences invalidates IQ testing, state your case, other than pasting the personal view of a few people based on an article of a single ONLINE study posted by someone else for the sole reason you do not like the conclusions of IQ tests.

Rohirrim's hilarious article makes ridiculous claims by a disingenuous idiot who indirectly admitted his own idiocy when he said,

Studies over the past 50 years based on IQ tests have suggested that there could be inherent differences in intelligence between racial groups, social classes and between men and women, but these conclusions are undermined by the latest findings, Dr Highfield said.

MMmmn... Decades of IQ studies (which I mentioned) all suggested the idea of different IQ averages for different human populations (which I mentioned).... I've already said ALL of this on this thread and you've all tried to crap on it by posting a quotation by a guy who agrees with what I said! Brilliant! Too bad this Highfield goes off the rails and wildly suggests his ONE AMAZING ONLINE study knocks all that down. Such obvious and grotesquely dishonest behavior by a scientist should be met with disciplinary action. What a fraud!

One study does not knock down decades of research, let alone an ONLINE study. My effing GOD you illiterates.

Jesus ****ing CHRIST you people are dense.

Decades of scientific study is invalidated by a single online study.


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