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Eric Decker

Originally Posted by Blighty View Post
Semi-agree. I'm leaning towards taking two elite/near elite WRs with my 2nd & 3rd pick (depending where I'm picking of course) like he's done but not making the mistake of taking another receiver after like Colston. If anyone goes RB-WR-WR then they need to target RBs all the way until players like Garcon, Jones and Shorts are at the top of the board. Plenty of depth.

What do people think about Kenbrell Thompkins fantasy-wise? Granted you'd only use a 15th on him, he looks like he could be a starter for the Pats.
The reason I took Colston is because there wasn't a RB I felt comfortable taking in the 4th rd. Wilson and McFadden were the only two close. Could that burn me? Absolutely. Could McFadden get hurt like always? Colston is a #2 WR and Garçon and Jones go right around the same time. Garcon went 3 picks after Colston. Iwould have loved to get McFadden in the 5th rd but he went 2 spots ahead of me. Every fantasy "analyst" is saying taking RBs early so they are going so fast. I suggest taking a RB round 1 and then getting consistent players that are more likely to stay healthy. I bet like 7-10 of the top 20 rbs this year will be injured or not worth their draft spot. I think with my lineup now I could win a championship if I find one of the waiver wire backs that appear every year. I might already have him(Bernard, Ivory, Hillman). This is one thing everyone should follow though: Wait on QB. Unless your in a 6pt TD league or something ridiculous like 10yds/pt for Qb, or completions league or a two Qb league. I love Stafford going late and I think Romo will have a good year.
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