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Eric Decker

I do agree that you have to take a back in the first round but the second it all depends on which ones are available. The only top 15 backs left were: Ridley, CJ2K, MJD, and Gore. Ridley seems okay but that team is loaded and now they have Blount to go with Ridley, Vareen, Bolden. CJ2K should bounce back since they upgraded their line but I felt more comfortable with Marshall. I think with your top picks you should take players that are closest to being guaranteed. I hate the runningbacks this year. There's a huge dropoff after the first round and most of them are all boom or bust. I will be fine by picking up this years Wilson/Moreno/A.Brown/B.Brown/etc. All fantasy comes down to is whoever plays the waiver wire the best. Im a big fan of fanduel. But ya I don't know what to think about Miller. I know I shouldn't trade Foster he's just making me nervous andthey have used the **** out of him the last few years. Maybe I can trade Colston and Ivory for a better rb and a 3rd WR.
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