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Originally Posted by Aftermath View Post
Lol. I do that every year. Now that its "the thing" to do this year I tried something different(and the guy I planned on taking got picked right before me twice in the top 5 rounds). I am not a rookie. 2/3/4 (12 teams) last year and 1/1/5/1 the year before. Any who. Last year I managed Rice, MJD, and Lynch as my first 3 picks in a 12 team league and I came in 4th. The way I see it this year is there is about 15 top running backs. Only about 6-7 of them I feel comfortable taking. Rice and MJD were not worth the picks last year and I'm sure half of the top 15 rbs this year will not be worth it. So I got Foster and then went WR WR WR. It seems stupid but guys like McFadden, CJ2K, Matthews went right before my pick. At least with my picks I got 3 top 15 WRs thatare consistant. I play the waiver wire very closely for RBs and plan on doing that this year. Last year I had waiver wire RBs starting over MJD. I'm glad everyone that thinks they know fantasy is going RB RB RB this year because its going to cost them. They go down too much and there will be a bunch of FAs I can roll with. gL
I getcha. I follow other boards to get a feel of how other players are doing in preseason and being a hawk on waiver wire is key. I play multiple teams per year as well. gl
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