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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Yawn... Richwine... rant rave rant rave... Heritage... growl roarrr...

I've already posted multiple sources for these IQ tests. They stretch back many decades, internationally. Just get the hell over this Redwine fetish and move on.

Please put the Hitler card down and step away.
Which is why I will no longer waste time arguing anything with you. Once again, we have arrived at the point in the discussion where you plug your ears, sit on the ground and start bleating "Hitler, Hitler..." You and txtebow are a whole lot closer to that man's philosophy than I am. Read the Atlantic article I posted for some "history" on IQ tests and race. There's plenty of history, alright.

Of course, I know that you have no intention whatsoever of reading anything I post. It's so easy to simply ignore evidence that is contrary to your prejudices, isn't it?

Why does your racist buddy txtebow not come up with some heavy-weight, large scale study conducted by reputable scientists to make his claim that blacks are mentally inferior to whites, rather than some half buried dissertation by a grad student?
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