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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
And here we are with invoking the Hitler card to stifle uncomfortable science, right on time, which is what this thread was about to begin with: The reactive, fearful, hostile knee-jerk liberal response to science they don't like. My, what would happen to the faith of the people if it were leaked that the world isn't flat! O****!

Thank you for providing an illustration to prove tx's point on this here tidy thread.

Do us a favor and make sure to email the National Institutes of Health and tell them stop funding research that concludes there is an IQ gap or at least demand they don't come to unequal results. Don't forget there is also a pressing need to suffocate research into the field of race-based medicine. Regardless of that certain heart medicines help black people more than white people, it's best to give them the standard treatment and keep those death rates nice and elevated.

In the name of equality.

Oh. You mean the idea that people wouldn't just swallow Richwine's assertions without question? And to question is to be a "...reactive, fearful, hostile knee-jerk liberal?" What do you think science is? Isn't the whole idea of science to question? Like the articles I posted point out, this dissertation was not peer reviewed until Richwine became a policy analyst for the Heritage Foundation. Of course, once the nature of this paper came out he was canned. The more this dissertation gets held up to the light, the more holes one finds. Like Drezner at Foreign Policy pointed out, "Key terms are poorly defined, auxiliary assumptions abound, and the literature I'm familiar with that is cited as authoritative is, well, not good."
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