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Originally Posted by baja View Post
I don't understand. The Broncos are giving Kupe a chance to recover and play again that seems like that would be what Kupe wants. You can't keep paying a guy 5 mil that is on the sidelines. I bet this is what Kupe wanted rather than an injury settlement. If there is a question mark here it would be letting he come back before he was completely healed but maybe there was no way to analyze that.
Obviously he wants to be fair to the team as long as he has the option to compete. We are happy that this is behind him and he can remain a Denver Bronco. When he is healthy he is definitely better than anyone he is competing against. All I know is someone in the Broncos FO recognized that they are better with him than without. Now all of the haters can close their pieholes and b**** about someone else's salary. Thanks to all of you guys that have supported him over the last 20 months. And a HUGE kiss me, and tell me that you love me to those that haven't.

Thanks to the admin for changing that last sentence...I definitely dont want a kiss

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