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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
So what about the data in this test indicates that I am guilty of what you claim? That I state accurately what the test result says, which is that outcomes in IQ testing are not equal? Indeed not only are they not equal, they are consistently unequal. Or is that the researchers concede IQ has a genetic component which is commonly taught in even FRESHMAN psychology which the egalitarian dimwits on this forum still cannot wrap their heads around? If it is merely a justification for bigotry, then clearly the NIH is also responsible for this since they helped fund the testing which didn't come out with results that you find acceptable.

Your beef isn't with me, it's with science itself and your attempts to keep together your egalitarian house of cards.

If all else fails, you could do what I saw done in a current-issue Sociology textbook. Admit the 15 point white-black IQ gap exists and with a quick stroke of a brush-off in spite of lack of evidence to the effect, blame it on whitey.

I'm not against collectivism in and of itself necessarily, just the left-wing version of it. I reject extreme individualism which is partly why I'm not a fan of Rand.
There's such a thing as Right Wing collectivism?

You hate egalitarianism? You must despise the Bill of Rights.
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