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Originally Posted by baja View Post
I don't understand. The Broncos are giving Kupe a chance to recover and play again that seems like that would be what Kupe wants. You can't keep paying a guy 5 mil that is on the sidelines. I bet this is what Kupe wanted rather than an injury settlement. If there is a question mark here it would be letting he come back before he was completely healed but maybe there was no way to analyze that.
Absolutely, I agree with this. What I am saying is, Denver (as any smart business would do) capitalized on it so it's not really something that I imagine Kupe deep down is thrilled with but he realistically had no viable option otherwise. Honestly if it weren't for the injury settlement factor, he probably would have been cut.

I agree fully though that the FO has done a great job about being fair to both sides and smart about these things.
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