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No, not really.

You had stated previously that higher CC = higher intellectual capabilities, which is false. You also provided studies generally dismissed in almost unanimous fashion by the AAA and APA.

Intelligence is a polygenic trait. What difference in genes exists among races that bear your IQ / Race arguments out?
There is a positive correlation that has been shown. Keep in mind your anthro heroes such as Gould were worried about it enough to use bogus data about cranial capacity to attack Morton which I have already referenced. There is also a well-known correlation between function and size of the parts of the brain, such as the pons. Bipeds have much larger ones than quadrupeds due to the necessity for higher and more sophisticated function in maintaining balance. Are there exceptions to the rule? Quite possibly but they don't invalidate the general rule.

I'd love to see where these studies are "dismissed in almost unanimous fashion by the AAA and APA." On the contrary; these are published in peer-reviewed journals. You don't seem to understand that this is literally decades of compiled data done by many international researchers. It's not a few rogues.

I wouldn't know what trait differences there are. That I don't know of any is isn't relevant. It doesn't mean they don't exist. There are known physical and genetic differences among the human races. They even respond differently to medications. Why people would deny this is idiotic. Indeed, there is a blossoming research field of race-based medicine which politically correct neurotics are trying to suppress fearing "Hitler."
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