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Don't forget this part:

For my part, I’ve come to doubt the existence of something called “g” or general intelligence, as the research has gathered over the years. I believe IQ is an artificial construct created to predict how well a random person is likely to do in an advanced post-industrial society. And that’s all it is. It certainly shouldn’t be conflated with some Platonic idea of “intelligence.” I don’t think it carries any moral weight at all, either, and I don’t think it should be used in any way in immigration policy. In fact, any public policy that rests on this kind of data is anathema to me. It’s far too close to eugenics, and to the morally repugnant idea that smarter people are somehow better in any meaningful sense.
Too bad I didn't learn that in psych. Notice he says, "For my part..." IQ has been proven valid by decades of research and the scientific method. The fact that this guy invokes trash neo-Marxist terms such as "artificial construct" tell me all I have to know about this guy.

I smell Karl Marx.

You fall for this ****?
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