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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by txtebow View Post
IQ studies have been going on for years with largely the same differentiation and score stratification. Again, another case of Liberals choosing to believe in Science when it suits them.....which makes you more vile than the right wing nut jobs who are simply ignorant. Your type is deceitful...
Okay. You like science? Let's try the largest single study into human cognition testing 100,000 people. And this one was conducted by the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging, not a grad student working for the Heritage Foundation to support their immigration racism.

“For a century or more many people have thought that we can distinguish between people, or indeed populations, based on the idea of general intelligence which is often talked about in terms of a single number: IQ. We have shown here that’s just wrong,” he said.

Studies over the past 50 years based on IQ tests have suggested that there could be inherent differences in intelligence between racial groups, social classes and between men and women, but these conclusions are undermined by the latest findings, Dr Highfield said.

“We already know that, from a scientific point of view, the notion of race is meaningless. Genetic differences do not map on to traditional measurements of skin colour, hair type, body proportions and skull measurements. Now we have shown that IQ is meaningless too,” Dr Highfield said.

Like the organizations and ideas you shill for, you use selective science.

Why don't you have the guts to state clearly what you are really trying to sell here instead of constantly masking it in bull****?

The scientists found that no single component, or IQ, could explain all the variations revealed by the tests. The researcher then analysed the brain circuitry of 16 participants with a hospital MRI scanner and found that the three separate components corresponded to three distinct patterns of neural activity in the brain.

“It has always seemed to be odd that we like to call the human brain the most complex known object in the Universe, yet many of us are still prepared to accept that we can measure brain function by doing a few so-called IQ tests,” Dr Highfield said.

Another report on the same study:

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