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Originally Posted by barryr View Post
Obamacare will destroy the economy and will make premiums go up(gee, some of us said it would happen), and more jobs are going part time to avoid having to pay the high costs, but it's republicans fault even though backroom deals with democrats(Nelson)were involved in this and republicans weren't even brought to the table on it. Good grief, liberals are stupid and never stop this rewriting of history. But what do you expect from people that keep voting for a guy who thinks we have 57 states?
Premiums are going up? Mine haven't for the up coming year. It destroyed the economy? The economy got destroyed over 5 years ago by your boy. I haven't seen any stats on people going part time for this reason but I have been surprised by the buisness's that suddenly have available health insurance for their employees and the employees I work with from those small businesses haven't gone part time. Fear, it's what will destroy this country and keep the Republicans chugging along.
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