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Malik Jackson

We all know DT has talent, when he cut out making mistakes he was downright outstanding last season. And, he became a Playmaker as the year progressed. DT finished much better on the year according to DYAR and DVOA. He did improve his focus and play by play value. DYAR is total value of a Player, while DVOA measures the impact of the plays they made across the league.

He finished 3rd in DYAR and Decker finished just slightly behind with 4th in DYAR! Decker did finish higher in DVOA as he ranked 8th and DT finished 13th. Stokely finished 2cd in DVOA as well. Meaning Stokely had the 2cd highest value per play in the NFL last season! Amazing what Manning did with quality WR's last year.

Now, they have Welker instead of Stokely! Welker was 19th in DYAR and 30th in DVOA last season. He did all the short work for Brady and only caught 6 TD passes on 175 targets. However, he did NOT have 2 pro-bowl caliber WR's requiring Deep outside coverage to help him last season. He had 2 inside seam guys in Gronk and Hernandez so the safety help was always there when he caught a bunch of short and intermediate routes. Manning is the best in the league in finding the open guy no matter what. Brady relies a lot more on the intricacy of the scheme and works matchups more.

The hard part of this is all of DEN's WR numbers may drop as Manning spreads the ball around, but their total value and Value per play may still be tops in the league IMHO. Especially, if they can run the ball inside and force teams out of 2 deep safeties all the time.

Just real Glad Welker is here. BAL took DT out for most of the Playoff game, and if anyone tries that this year Welker and Decker will have a Reggie Wayne on Roc Alexander type of field day in single coverage.
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