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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
It would make sense to give those who score less on the tests more help, wouldn't you think? Perhaps the best thing to do would be to segregate schools by race? Asians in one school, whites in another, etc. What do you do with mixed race kids?

And then there's immigration. Do we only allow asians and whites to emigrate to America? Or perhaps put quotas on the "lesser" races?

What group do Jews fit in with? Are they white?

You also seem to be implying with the above post that selective breeding might be a consideration. Should we simply make sure that whites only breed with whites, or should we test for the best of the whites and only allow them to breed? Is it okay for whites to breed with Asians? What if Asians decide that they shouldn't breed with whites?

And what do we do about hispanic breeding. They're outbreeding us whites. What should we do about it?

So many questions...
See post #7. You're projecting your own personal biases onto me and my original point. Tried and true, when you are backed into a corner by fact simply yell "racism!"
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