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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Man! Is that guy naive, or what? Has he spent his entire life in the ivory tower? The danger does not come from the science. It comes from what some people might do with the science. Look at his last paragraph:

This is not just about academic freedom or any one scholarís reputation. Cognitive differences can inform our understanding of a number of policy issues ó everything from education, to military recruitment, to employment discrimination to, yes, immigration. Start treating the science of mental ability seriously, and both political discourse and public policy will be better for it.

"Better for it?" I highly doubt that. This is the kind of foundational criteria the Nazis used to select people for euthanasia.
Euthanasia? Reach much plastic man? Andwhat good is data if you're not willing to make INFORMED decisions based upon it? This is a football message board. Does the Broncos front office not have standards by which they measure and sort through potential members of our favorite football team? Admit it. It's science and it scares you.
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