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Andy Janovich

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
That doesn't work. You can't compare players and then ignore what happened in the career of the player you mention.
When you compare a player to another you compare the entirety of their career whether you want to or not.
Anderson hasn't had a career yet. So how can you compare Tds whole career to nothing. So hes comparing the beginning.Believe it or not, Td was a no name who came into the league and made a name for himself later. He was not the great back we saw during the super bowl years. If we went by first years Mike Andreson should be in the Hall of fame. Unless you have a magic crystal ball their is no way you can say how C.J. Anderson career will go.
Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
TD being obscure and then leap frogging others to make the roster and have meaningful playing time is rare for a UDFA to do.
Even rarer for one team to do it more than once.
TD was drafted, unless your talking about someone else

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
If you wanted to say you had faith in him to become a player for us that's one thing.
But to mention TD and then attempt to qualify it as a comparison in situation only when they're not similar it not feasible.
Every late round rb that shows a little promise can be compared to tds situation. Td wasn't a 2000 yard rusher or playoff mvp when he came into the league. It is possible for any of them to be a starter.
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