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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
A roster spot strictly for a fullback is largely unnecessary in this offense. In the rare instances where one is needed in power football situations you could easily insert Dressen or even a Mitch Unrein at FB for a play.
They were using Green(e?) and Thomas to trap inside mostly with Thomas trapping inside. They were both motioning to one side then Thomas would come across in motion at different depths to give different types of formation.

I do not see the need for this team to carry Hester. If anything they can cut him and call him back should the need arise. It is not like Hester is likely to get picked up.

I would keep Hillman, M. Ball, CJ Anderson then either KM or Hester depending on who they want to keep. It is also likely that they could keep 5 RB's (no FB's as Hester is listed as an RB) then keep KM inactive until they need him again.

Remember KM is playing out his contract this year, he is not going to get a monster new deal, they can cut him and develop a younger RB with more pop and upside or keep him around but inactive for insurance.

It will be fun to see if CJ can keep it up this PS, I have heard good things about him in TC and we need someone to win some RB jobs, not lose them.
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