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My biggest concern about Shorts is he becomes so known as a sleeper, that someone forgots what sleeper means and drafts him in the 5th or 6th round. IMO you can grab someone like Eric Decker there, or maybe even Colston or Steve Smith. I know those guys are older (except Decker) but I always say a vet on a team with a decent to good QB always better then a sleeper with a crappy QB. So know I think my new sleeper may be Blackmon. Stash him and hope he comes on end the yr, but draft him in the 10th round ya know? Where sleepers are supposed to be taken.

I did a lot of mock drafts on FFC and if those trends continue people are jumping on RBs the WR are really deep. But the thing is if this trend of also waiting on qbs keeps up at what point do you think it gets smart to just say screw it and grab a top 5 qb? I was thinking no earlier then the top of the 6th round.
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I agree I am hoping Henne gets that job maven. He can at least get on against the medicore pass defenses IMO.
I think Gabbart is getting the call again to start. They really want him to work, otherwise he's another 1st round bust. We shall see. Value down Jax receivers and pick them up late.
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