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Ben Garland

"CNN Films is planning a feature-length documentary film on the former first lady, looking at her professional and personal life. It will be led by Oscar-winning director and producer Charles Ferguson and is expected to air in 2014.NBC has announced a miniseries called "Hillary," starring actress Diane Lane. No air date has been announced but it is timed to be released before the 2016 presidential election. NBC has said the four-hour miniseries will follow Clinton's life and career from 1998 to the present."

Sounds like the fix is in. The CFR is very, very happy!

Lets boil it down to a 30 sec review:

Wife of Arkansas Governor: Whitewater scandal;
Wife of Mister President: Foster murder, Travelgate and Lewinsky scandals;
Senator of New York: Strongly supported Iraq and Afghanistan invasions; supported establishment of Media Matters and Center for American Progress; supported bailout of too big to fail banks;
Secretary of State: Reset Russian relations; subject of Wikileaks expose; supported Afghanistan surge; Benghazi scandal. famous "what does it matter speech?"; convenient hospitalization;
Since: paid $200,000 PER speech.

Yeah, she's ready to lead us all.
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