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The latest study shows 19 states. last i checked 19 is more than 9.Keep trying though.This is funny. i can see you fuming over your keyboard trying so hard not to give credit where credit is due, and screaming "damn tou liberals!"

Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign. The first lady had pushed kids to eat healthy and exercise more, and thousands of child care centers have adopted the message. She's held nationwide healthy cooking contests for kids and agencies like the Department of Education have incorporated her message into their programs. And the date of her tenure in the White House corresponds roughly with the scope of the federal study.
So what you're saying is that a program that started in 2010 deserves the credit for a (minuscule) trend occurring from 2008-2011 that was otherwise in line with other longer-standing trends? Is this the kind of "science" you guys are always going on and on about?
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