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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
I called over the weekend and was on the phone working it for an hour, usually it takes about 20 minutes. I finally got to the 3rd level, the retention department, after the lady on the 2nd level was being a cheap ass.

They would only give my the Sunday Ticket Max for 4 payments of like $36....but they gave me a $20 credit off my bill for the next 12 months, and another $15 credit off my bill for the next 15 months, plus waived my $5 monthly HD fee for the next 12 months.

So basically, the Ticket will be free after those monthly discounts, and then I'll be saving $20 to $40 off my bill for several more months when those 4 payments are done.

They're also coming out and hooking up the Genie for free, but I think they're doing that free for everyone.

They're goofy about their discounts sometimes, but if you keep at it, you'll get the Sunday Ticket for free and then some.

This time was the longest it ever took, but it was worth it when I look at how much money I saved.
Sounds a lot like the deal that was offered me, and I passed. I had tunnel vision and was still unwilling to pay for Sunday Ticket, but in hindsight..I saw they were basically giving me a better deal. (I'd be paying more per month had I just asked for Sunday Ticket for free, and kept my old bill).

They offered the Genie as well, but I believe it came w/another 2-year commitment. I'm not planning on changing providers, but w/the NFL's exclusive deal w/DirecTV ending this year, I'd hate to be locked in and have them lose the Sunday Ticket.

Probably still going to call back one more time to see if I can get the previously offered deal + any kind of discount on the Ticket.
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