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Originally Posted by i4jelway7 View Post
well I just tried to get a discount, no luck & I've been with dtv for over 15 years & I've had Sunday Ticket every year, the customer service rep didn't offer anything they just canceled it... my sh*tty customer service rep was Matt...
I always make sure to call them by their name and ask them how their day is going etc....

I always find it's best to be nice and courteous and explain to them that the only reason I get directv is for the Sunday Ticket and that it's simply not feasible to pay for it, as my monthly bill is already as high as I can afford per month....blah, blah, blah.

I remind them that I've been a great customer for a long time, but that without the Sunday Ticket, there are other options available, but that it would be nice to work something out with them.

They make enough per month as it is off everyone, they don't want to lose you as a customer....if you don't get what you want, call back and try again.

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